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Regel Recycled Acrylic Fiber

Thailand-made recycled acrylic fibre now available for more applications

Regel fibre, a new recycled acrylic fibre from Thai Acrylic Fibre, has received overwhelming response since its launch and is now expanding its product range...

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lpp sa lpp rozszerza zakres pomocy na rzecz ukrainy post image 900x900px 96ppi pl

Polish fashion retailer restarts operations in Ukraine

After a periodic suspension of sales in Ukraine, Polish fashion retailer LPP said it has now returned to “limited” business in the country, resuming e-commerce...

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Smart jumpsuit tracks infants’ motor development

A Finnish research group at the BABA Center, Helsinki Children’s Hospital, has developed a novel garment for infants for the reliable assessment of motor abilities...

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Singapore supplier to expand into traceable fibre technology

Singapore’s Säntis Textiles, a supplier of advanced sustainable textile technologies, has become a strategic development partner of FibreTrace, a provider of traceable fibre technology.

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wound dressing scaled

Project to develop personalised smart dressings

Professor Mehdi Tavakoli, knowledge transfer manager of the UK’s National Health Service infrastructure, medtech and therapies, has been invited to chair an advisory board and...

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csm 20220523 Prof Lieleg AE  31 68a527382bx1000

Multifunctional bandage helps wounds to heal

A film that protects wounds and helps them to heal quickly, repels bacteria, dampens inflammation, releases active pharmaceutical ingredients in a targeted manner and ultimately...

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No Logo AAMI Level 2 gown GOWN PULL CORD 731x1024

Reusable gown eases supply chain issues

The personal protective equipment shortages brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic proved to be an opportunity for a Virginia, USA, health system to not only...

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Drag-friendly garments that change in real time

A team at the University of Colorado at Boulder has designed a garment for drag queens that features neural networks and other creative technology.

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mtxjul22 fig2b

Compression sleeve comprising viscoelastic yarns

A compression sleeve for application circumferentially around a limb to exert therapeutic pressure on the limb for the treatment of oedema and other venous and...

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myanmar apparel

Almost all clothing factories in Myanmar face closure

Nearly all clothing factories in Myanmar have been forced to shut down owing to power outages and exorbitant fuel prices.

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Ionically conductive fibres for smart and functional textiles

Electronically conductive fibres are already in use in smart textiles, but in a recently published research article, ionically conductive fibres have proven to be of...

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Global uncertainties loom over Vietnamese textile industry growth

Vietnam reported a year-on-year rise of 23. 5% in exports of textile and clothing worth US$18.

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CompressionGarments Main

Compression garment for the leg and/or foot

An improved compression garment for applying a compressive force to an extremity, in particular to the leg and/or foot of a wearer, for abating an...

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Conductive textile technology launched at Techtextil

Noble Biomaterials, a manufacturer of antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft-surface applications, showcased Circuitex at last month’s Techtextil trade show in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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653617 20220608 Polestar turns to fashion industry to drive climate neutral textilex1000

Polestar turns to fashion industry to drive climate-neutral innovation

Polestar sponsored the recent Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, in an effort to find green textiles for its interiors.

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Western producers seeking ways of returning to Russia

Some Western textile and clothing brands, which are currently suspending their operations in Russia as a result of the country’s invasion of Ukraine, are reported...

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