Lightweight leno carpets for automobiles and aircraft


At the recent Carpet Conference held in Ghent, Belgium, attended by 250 participants, Geert De Clercq of the Department of Textiles at Ghent University presented an interesting approach for using leno fabrics to make lightweight automotive carpets.

A leno weave is where two warp yarns are twisted around the weft yarns to provide a strong fabric. A combination of leno weaving and fancy yarn production allowed the development of leno fabrics that are suitable for use as floorcoverings, thus opening new opportunities for carpet manufacturers.

The best results were obtained by the use of two warps – one for the straight ends with higher tension (tight warp) and one for the crossing ends with lower tension (binding warp) – and by using a non-elastic yarn, such as polyvinylchloride (PVC) coated glass yarn, for the tight warp and for a portion of the weft yarns a stiff polypropylene (PP) yarn.

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