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Fluidic yarn system for haptic measurements

OmniFabric, developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US and Uppsala University and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden,...

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Just the basics with PocketView

A new technology called PocketView uses light-emitting diodes to display basic information through clothing and other fabrics.

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3D-printed wearables for 24/7 operation

Engineers at the University of Arizona have developed a type of wearable they call a “bio-symbiotic device”, which has several unprecedented benefits.

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Developing a new generation of enzymes

The €6m EU 2020 FuturEnzyme project, co-ordinated by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), is aiming to develop more sustainable textiles, detergents and cosmetics through...

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Infection prevention with Micrillon

Micrillon, a new microfibre additive made by UMF, enhances hospital-grade microfibres that can be converted into a wide range of long-lasting, reusable products, including towels,...

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Nanotubes for controlled heat

Russian start-up ArcticTex, part of the Rusnano Group, has been working in co-operation with Russian sportswear manufacturer Sportego on the design of new apparel with...

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Toolkit for health and motion-sensing devices

Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Artificial Intelligence have created a toolkit for...

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Strong growth anticipated for digital textile printing

The demand for digitally printed textiles is rebounding strongly in 2021 and is set for accelerated growth over the next five years, according to The...

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Absorption and inactivation with polyamide and zinc

A polyamide fabric embedded with zinc ions has successfully inactivated 99% of the viruses that cause Covid-19 and the common flu (influenza) in research involving...

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Wired for sound and movement

In the Tapis Magique project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, a pressure-sensitive, knitted electronic textile carpet has been developed to generate three-dimensional...

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