A Profile of the Biomedical Materials Industry (PDF format)
The search for innovation

This report examines how 50 biomedical materials companies are developing in the expanding biomedical materials industry.

Published by International Newsletters and written by Paula Read, the publication will help you to understand and follow the rapid pace of industry restructuring and consolidation; identify future business opportunities fuelled by greater demand and expectations; monitor your competition and assess the risks involved in investing in this sector (e.g. damaging litigation, product recalls, products containing materials derived from animal sources).

Published March 2012

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Full Product Description

Extensive and up-to-date coverage

This comprehensive report includes the most up-to-date coverage of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures in the sector and analysis of all the latest published financial data from the companies profiled, complete with full contact details including names of key executives.

It will give you an invaluable insight into the corporate strategies employed by the major companies, the risks they face and new opportunities to be exploited in the future.

Essential reading

The report is essential reading if you need to understand the development and prospects for the biomedical materials sector whether you are a supplier, a manufacturer, an end-user, a consultant, a financial analyst or investor interested in the biomedical materials sector.

The biomedical materials industry

Each company has been included in the report owing not only to its financial success, but also on the role it plays in the industry. Some of the companies included are highly diversified with interests in many areas, but their contribution to the biomaterials sector is still significant. Other medium-sized or smaller companies are included because of their focus on a particular area of biomaterials. A selection of medical device producers has also been included because of their involvement in developing biomaterials for applications in their own products.

The science of biomaterials is relatively new. Its development over the past 50 years has been continual, attracting many companies able and eager to make large investments in the sector. The pursuit of longer, better lives has created a fertile environment for products that enhance, protect and repair our bodies. The biomedical industry, while it still faces the same economic challenges and cyclical patterns of demand that face any business, is central to this growth market.

The following companies are included in the report:

Alphatec Spine (Alphatec Holdings)


Arkema/Oxford Performance

ATI Allegheny Ludlum

CR Bard


Bayer Material Science

Biomet/Biomet Europe

Carpenter Technology


Rockwood Holdings

Cook Biotech




Dow Corning

DSM Biomedical (Royal DSM)



WL Gore & Associates


Invibio Japan

Medical Materials

Johnson & Johnson: subsidiaries Ethicon, Synthes

Johnson Matthey

Kensey Nash



Olympus Terumo Biomaterials


Pioneer Surgical

PolyMedex Discovery Group


RTI Biologics


Solvay Advanced Polymers

Smith & Nephew


3M Healthcare

3DMJ (Japan) and 3DM (USA)

Tissue Regenix



Wacker Chemie

Wright Medical