Intelligent textiles in buses and coaches

In co-operation with the University of Ghent and Ghent College and with the support of the European and the Flemish governments, Busworld Academy has started the WINTEX project on the use of intelligent textiles in buses and coaches.

The project will be led by a user group, which will guide the scientific research and determine the fields to be explored to offer more and new added value in the use of intelligent textiles in buses and coaches.

The user group will probably comprise companies involved in interior design, seats, flooring, etc.

Special attention will be given to the possibilities to reduce wiring by using electrically conductive materials in the textiles, which can act as sensors, signal transport channels and antennae.

Applications such as heating (e.g. chairs, walls, carpets), lighting (LEDs embedded in floorcoverings, side lining textiles) and the replacement of heavy cabling are just a few highly relevant applications in the automotive sector.

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Posted by Geoff Fisher on 21 March 2014



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