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Powering devices with carbon nanotube yarns

For generating electricity from body heat, researchers at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology in Japan have developed a carbon nanotube (CNT) yarn with...

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VTT pioneers next-generation smart patches

A pilot factory has been developed at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland for the roll-to-roll production of smart wearable patches, which will be...

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Knee Brace

Smart knee brace technology and the future of rehabilitation

In the field of orthopaedics, knee braces have long been recognised for the crucial role they have in providing support and stability to the knee.

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Swiss handball fans trial LED-equipped smart textile caps

Swiss start-up Dynavisual has tested an Internet of Things platform that enables data to be visualised on smart textiles.

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Smart neckband for tracking dietary intake

An international team led by researchers from Purdue University, USA, has developed a smart neckband that allows wearers to monitor their dietary intake.

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Sound-suppressing fabric reduces noise transmission in large spaces

Unwanted noise remains a resounding problem, so to cut through the din of today’s noisy world, an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute...

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Nanofibres rid water of hazardous dyes

Dyes, such as those used in the textile industry, are a major environmental problem: at the Vienna University of Technology, efficient filters have now been...

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Dung Dkar Cloak EJTECH 8 810x1215

Real-time soundscapes using soft interfaces

The Dung Dkar Cloak, a Hungarian art-led multidisciplinary research project, is an interactive installation combining digital jacquard weaving, sound synthesis, fractal geometry and algorithmic thinking...

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Intelligent waterproofing system for flat roofs

At April’s Techtextil trade fair held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, a Techtextil Innovation Award was presented to CITEVE, the Portuguese technological centre for the...

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Smart pump keeps garments dry

At April’s Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, LunaMicro was awarded a Techtextil Innovation Award in the New Technology category for its electro-osmotic...

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