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Renewable base for thermoelectric textiles

A thread made of conductive cellulose is paving the way for electronic textiles made from renewable materials.

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Heated vests for frontline volunteers

Ororo Heated Apparel of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, has donated hundreds of heated vests to CORE – the Community Organized Relief Effort – to assist...

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ARM grant image

Swarm robots handle fabrics for rapidly deployed structures

Manipulating and joining together multiple pieces of large, heavy, waterproof fabric is being allocated to robots in a project aiming to improve the manufacturing of...

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Large-area functional textile displays

An electronic textile that is 6 m long with a width of 25 cm has been developed by a team at Fudan University in China,...

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Local production for Myant Skiin Pods

Myant has partnered with URtech Manufacturing a Toronto, Canada-based provider of electronics manufacturing services, to produce the first commercial-scale run of electronic components for Skiin,...

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Aerogel boost for flexible thermoelectric generator

Engineers from North Carolina State University report success in enhancing the efficiency of a wrist-worn flexible device that can harness the heat energy from the...

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Weber AWB Brueckner Sonovia Versuchsanlage Brueckner cBrueckner Textile Technologies

Sono-finishing poised for commercialisation

A new ultrasound-based finishing technology developed by Sonovia with Brückner and Weber Ultrasonics offers some crucial advantages in the production of antimicrobial textiles.

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At the human-machine interface

Mechanical sensing is a key functionality in soft robotics and a new elastomeric fibre that can be turned into a fabric “skin” with the ability...

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US paratroopers stress-testing Whoop device

Alaska-based US Army paratroopers have been equipped with biometric data-collecting wearables for a six-month project to analyse how they deal with everyday challenges in arctic...

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Major benefits in the transfer printing of stacked circuits

Conductive Transfers, based in Barnsley, UK, has now printed more than 40,000 of its stacked circuits for use in the Innovo urinary incontinence treatment shorts...

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