Conference addresses performance and improvement of automotive textiles


At the recent Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference 2013, several presentations addressed performance and improvement of automotive textiles.

Car seats that are in direct contact with the driver have an important role in offering comfort properties. Simge Sakin of Sun Tekstil, Turkey, described the development of a three-dimensional (3D) fabric structure with high performance, as an alternative to polyurethane (PU) foam car seat filling, to enhance comfort performance.

In the Contoured Textiles project, new machinery is being developed to manufacture net-shaped textiles, which will be integrated into a continuous production line, according to Charlotte Eisenhauer of the Institute for Carbon Composites, Germany.

Kristina Klinkhammer of the Research Institute for Textile and Clothing, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Germany, evaluated commercial nanoparticles based on silicic acid that were combined with alkoxy silanes to obtain soil repellent textile surfaces of polyester fabrics by the pad-dry-cure technique.

Noise from increasing road traffic is a major pollutant of the environment. Noise emitted by traffic is not only annoying, but also a health risk and source of irritation. The presentation by Christian Kochanek of the Institute of Textile Technology, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, addressed the development of a noise-reduced road surface.

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