Environmentally responsible flame retardants for transportation


Flame retardants (FRs) are an essential element of fire protection, with a global consumption of 2m tonnes/year, according to Isabel De Schrijver of Centexbel, Belgium.

Addressing the 2nd International FR Conference on Fire-Safe Textiles and Plastics held in Ghent, Belgium, in October, she said that brominated FRs represent 19.7% of consumption, organophosphorus 14.6%, chlorinated 11.3%, antimony oxide 8.4%, aluminium hydroxide 40.4% and others 5.6%, with 85% of all FRs used in plastics.

An interesting approach to halogen-free FRs was introduced by Dr Guenter Beyer of Kabelwerk Eupen, Belgium, by mixing ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers with organo-clays based on layered silicates and aluminium trihydrate.

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