Fashion accessories from the Philippines highlight natural materials


Rising production costs are prompting suppliers of fashion accessories and jewellery in the Philippines to move away from low-value products and target the mid-range or high-end segment instead. Others are opting to focus on niche markets, where there is less price competition.

In particular, many makers are leveraging their access to various natural materials to diversify their product range and differentiate their designs.

Abaca fibre is becoming a popular option in new products, with the Philippines being one of the leading producers of the material. Recent trade shows include bags and wallets incorporating “t’nalak” and “inabal,” which are abaca-based textiles produced by the T‘boli and Bagobo tribes of Mindanao, respectively.

Piña fabric also remains a staple in many fashion accessories from the Philippines. Made of fibre from the leaves of a pineapple plant, the textile is usually sourced from the provinces of Aklan and Palawan.

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