Honda develops stain-repellent seat fabric


Honda’s research and development department has revealed details of a process for a new seat fabric that is formulated to repel most everyday stains, particularly from food and drink, in an effort to improve long-term occupant comfort.

According to Automotive Interiors World, the development was spurred by a study the carmaker commissioned looking at the functionality end users wanted from car seat fabrics, based on feedback from owners in Japan, the US, China and Thailand.

Ease of cleaning, resistance to spilled food and drink, and lack of odour were all highly rated as desirable traits.

Traditionally, water-repellent fabrics are used in interiors to aid cleaning, but these are still susceptible to staining by oily substances, such as those found on fast food items.

These oils can seep through the fabric into the underlying seat padding, which leads to a build-up of odours over time.

Honda set out to develop a fabric that better resisted staining while still maintaining the correct level of durability, along with a pleasing appearance and feel.

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