Hygiene innovation for business jet cabins

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With aircraft interior suppliers looking for new designs to encourage passengers that flying is safe, major concerns in the Covid-19 era aircraft cabin are antimicrobial surfaces, physical separation and respiratory protection.

Meanwhile, the business jet interiors market is adapting to ensure the best possible response to new hygiene requirements – not only by implementing short-term safety measures, but through the consideration of long-term solutions to meet customers’ evolving needs.

Private jet aircraft interiors are expected to move away from dark colours toward lighter shades that are cleaner in design to give passengers an impression of cleanliness. Further, personal devices will be increasingly used to minimise touchpoints.

In a recent webinar organised by Business Jet Interiors International and Tapis, a supplier of fabric and carpet for aircraft interiors, a panel of experts addressed such topics as: customer needs and requirements across the charter, fractional, corporate, private and VIP segments; key avenues for research and development, from air quality to materials and cleaning solutions; and ideas for optimising the process of innovation.

Photo: Bostik

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