Indorama Ventures forms mobility business group


Indorama Ventures has announced the formation of a new business unit within its fibres division. The Indorama Mobility Group comprises three business segments: tyre, automotive safety and functional materials.

The mobility business unit is the culmination of successive strategic acquisitions over the past five years: PHP Fibers, Performance Fibers, Trevira Filaments, Glanzstoff, Kordarna and UTT, which collectively create a portfolio of fibre, yarn, single-end cord and fabric based on polyester, polyamide, rayon, aramid hybrid and polyethylene naphthalate.

The Indorama Mobility Group’s target markets are tyre reinforcements, airbags, seatbelts, mechanical rubber goods, sewing threads, fabrics, ropes and cordage, automotive interiors, home textiles (strangely) and composites.

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