Lithuanian producer is first to meet Greenpeace standards


Global environmental organisation Greenpeace has recognised SBA Group company Utenos Trikotazas as the first, and so far only, company in the world to work entirely according to its textiles procurement standard.

Greenpeace has already started to produce its own t-shirts at the Lithuanian company.

Viola Wohlgemuth, Greenpeace consumption and toxics campaigner, said: “It is the standard for any fashion brand really looking to achieve credibility in terms of sustainability.

"Utenos Trikotazas has become the first manufacturer to prove it is compliant with these requirements. Under the standard, organically farmed natural fibres, production tested free of harmful substances, fair pay and transparency are uniquely combined.”

Utenos Trikotazas has already finished the first batch of Greenpeace’s new collection and will continue the production later this year.

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