Moldovan yarn producer increases sales by 26%


With USAID’s support, a Moldovan textile company has improved its yarn quality, production efficiency and marketing, which has led to a 26% increase in sales.

Filatura Ungheni, situated in the north of Moldova, is the only yarn manufacturer in the country, and one of the few remaining in the region. When the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) offered assistance, the company was on the brink of losing its sole client owing to concerns over yarn quality, putting at risk the jobs of more than 300 employees, primarily women.

USAID began helping the factory to solve its chronic yarn quality problems and increase its production efficiency by inviting Kevin Lordan, an international expert in yarn spinning, to work with it.

Using Lordan’s expertise, Filatura Ungheni re-calibrated its existing equipment, invested in new machinery and revised its production process. It trained technical staff and developed a quality control laboratory. The company soon witnessed improved yarn quality and production efficiency, which allowed it to retain its sole client and save hundreds of jobs.

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