Opportunities for nonwovens in future mobility


There has been a push towards greater fuel efficiency and lower costs in the transportation industry, as players fight to remain profitable and competitive and need to comply in time with regulatory requirements being set as part of countries’ commitments to reduce global warming.

Nonwovens are increasingly being used in vehicles owing to the fact that they are a lighter weight, more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly option compared with other materials.

Self-driving vehicles are also poised to revolutionise the industry, particularly in the field of automotive interiors. As drivers become passengers and are free to experience the interior of their own cars, this presents a range of opportunities for employing adaptable nonwoven materials for increased comfort.

Visitors and exhibitors will gather at the Index 17 nonwovens exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, from 4-7 April, to gain first-hand knowledge of the latest developments in nonwovens for transportation applications, with exhibitors showcasing the functional qualities of these versatile materials.

Photo: Tenowo

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