Printed and flexible electronics in smart textiles for the auto industry

CeNTI resumoobjetivos 2001618783In recent years, the research institute CeNTI – Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials based in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, has collaborated with several partners from the automotive sector, providing new functionalities through the application of flexible devices produced either by the application of printed electronics, or through the application of fibre/yarn-based devices, such as sensors and actuators, incorporated by advanced textile processes.

The Future Door Panel project, which runs until June 2023, is one example of CeNTI’s involvement in this area. The project aims to develop a distinctive, innovative and differentiating door panel, creating an intuitive human-machine interface oriented to the end user.

For the full story, see the September 2022 edition of MobileTex.


Photo: CeNTI