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reusable PPE

Reusable hospital gowns lower GHG emissions most, finds study

In an effort to identify opportunities for waste reduction and reuse across the health system, the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care led research on…

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OTC solution helps manage malodorous smells from leg ulcers

Cinesteam, a cinnamon-based over-the-counter (OTC) solution developed by Cemag Care can help manage intense and unpleasant wound malodours from leg ulcers.

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Lymphoedema and surgical wound dressing

A dressing configured to provide radial or semi-radial expansion to a tissue site to increase the flow of fluids in and around the tissue site…

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Multi-layer compression bandage system

A multi-layer compression bandage system for treating patients having chronic venous insufficiencies, venous ulcers and related conditions is disclosed by Sandra Muller-White, a wound care…

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Fasern tuerkis

Coated antimicrobial fabric for hospital curtains

Researchers at Empa in Switzerland, together with chemical company BASF, the Spiez Laboratory and the Technical University of Berlin, have developed coated fabrics that inhibit…

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Artificial spider silk for medical scaffolds

Latvian company PrintyMed is developing biocompatible artificial spider silk to create scaffolds that can be used for tissue engineering applications, such as three-dimensional heart valves,…

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Funding to improve radiation protection for medical practitioners

Texray has secured SEK45m (€3. 9m) in funding in an investment round led by Industrifonden and supported by private investors at Impilo.

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US launch of breathable surgical gown with instrument pockets

Cardinal Health has announced the US launch of its SmartGown Edge breathable surgical gown with Assist instrument pockets, which are designed to provide surgical teams…

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Barbed mesh for incision closure and hernia repair

A barbed mesh for soft tissue closure and hernia repair without the need for sutures is disclosed by a researcher at Washington University, St Louis,…

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Absorbent dressing for heavily exudating wounds

An improved absorbent dressing for heavily exudating wounds has been developed by Essity Hygiene & Health.

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