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Team blue Charles Duarte Elis Villmann u Klaus Menke

Award for sustainable products made of ocean plastic

AVK, the German trade association for fibre-reinforced plastics, has presented an innovation award to Borgers for three products and solutions.

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Sustainable car seat foam solutions

A new range of cushioning solutions made from an innovative structure of polyester-based fibres that is 100% recyclable and aimed at the mobility markets has...

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Wireless sensors for lifelong monitoring of aircraft

Wireless sensors as thin as a human hair could soon be integrated into composite materials and embedded in aerospace components to monitor the condition of...

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ALUULA Composites 3

Composites selected for NASA Mars missions

Advanced materials technology firm Aluula Composites reports that its ultralight and strong composite materials have been selected by Thin Red Line Aerospace for future NASA...

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Tufted carpet 100 polyester web

Launch of 100% polyester automotive carpet systems

By introducing a carpet made of 100% polyester, Autoneum says it has opened up new opportunities for vehicle manufacturers to meet their ambitious sustainability targets.

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BMW M4 Competition with Alcantara 23

BMW Italy and Alcantara team up for one-off M4

BMW Italy has collaborated with Alcantara to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the BMW M brand with a one-off competition-specification coupé painted in São Paulo...

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20221124 new airbag module yanfeng highres

Integrating the passenger airbag into the instrument panel

Automotive supplier Yanfeng has developed a solution for integrating the passenger airbag into the instrument panel as a result of cross-divisional collaboration between the company’s...

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fotocctecholow 0

New approach for vehicle overhead systems

Burgos, Spain-based automotive interiors supplier Grupo Antolin, which supplies one out of every four overhead systems worldwide, has introduced a simplified upper trim concept with...

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ConductiveTransfers 1

Matrix pressure sensing and capacitive touch

Conductive Transfers showcased its new ElastaSens matrix pressure-sensing technology at November’s Automotive Interiors Expo Europe in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Alcantara Lamborghini 08 03 2020 10

Alcantara increases use of post-consumer recycled polyester

Alcantara plans to increase the use of recycled post-consumer polymers in its luxury materials for the automotive, fashion and consumer electronics industries, according to its...

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