Achieving sustainability in smart wearable electronic textiles

afrojMultifunctional electronic textiles (e-textiles) offer a transformative solution with added electrical, thermal and optical functionalities to interface with the human body, enabling continuous monitoring, collection and communication of physiological parameters.

However, challenges related to material performance, sustainability, complex fabrication methods and limited end-of-life processability hinder their widespread adoption.

Dr Shaila Afroj of the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, has been exploring sustainable strategies for advancing e-textiles towards an eco-friendlier future.

Research has been undertaken on state-of-the-art sustainable graphene and other two-dimensional material-based conductive inks suitable for e-textiles.

For the full story, see the March 2024 edition of Smart Textiles & Wearables.


Image: Centre for Fine Print Research/UWE