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Designing e-textiles for disassembly – seeking solutions from history

Development in textiles production technology has allowed for more automated production, requiring less human involvement.

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Wearable e-textiles for a sustainable circular economy

An international team of engineers and scientists have warned that the e-textile supply chain and its potential for scalable commercialisation could be “further complicated” by...

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Adobe unveils design-changing digital interactive dress

At the 2023 Adobe MAX conference held in October in Los Angeles, California, USA, software company Adobe unveiled its Project Primrose that featured an interactive...

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231012 transistor sensor lg

Hybrid transistors with silk protein

A research team at Tufts University’s Silklab have created transistors in which the insulating material is replaced with biological silk.

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European project develops ECG with wireless patch

Researchers from Fraunhofer IZM, Germany, together with 31 partners from industry and research, have developed a stretchable and wireless patch that makes it possible to...

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exosuit helps runners

Robotic exosuit helps runners sprint faster

A team of mechanical engineers at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, South Korea, have developed an exosuit – a device that can be worn over the...

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Showcasing innovations for enhanced well-being

Hong Kong-based KnitWarm, which focuses on enhancing well-being, recently showcased its innovations at the 50th International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

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Monitoring, sensing and heating technology integrated in fabrics

Outlining the benefits of integrating monitoring, sensing and heating technology into fabrics, Wim Christiaens, research and development director at Quad Industries of Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, noted...

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AccYouRates e shirt smart T shirt

Smart T-shirt from Italian developer enhances cardiac monitoring

AccYouRate, a European digital health innovator specialising in wearable technology, has conducted a study to assess the comparative effectiveness of its smart T-shirt for monitoring...

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1024px Graphen

Smart textile applications for graphene-related materials

Diversified chemical company Indorama Ventures is now looking at smart textiles, which according to various sources, will grow with a compound annual growth rate of...

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wearable 3d printed te

Wearable, 3D printed tech could become physio tool

A flexible, three-dimensional printed device that could help physiotherapy patients exercise more effectively is being refined and tested in New Zealand.

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0923 ACS Applied Materials hothandLG

Self-decontaminating fabric enables multi-use PPE

A new material that employs deadly heat for viruses on its outer surface while staying cool on the reverse side could transform the way personal...

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smart materials 1693468541845 x2

Smart materials funding for Imperial researchers

Researchers at the UK’s Imperial College London are part of a £7m award for quantum engineering of energy-efficient organic smart materials, led by Lancaster University.

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230824 Wearable Haptic Feedback Mechanical Engineering Martin 88

Fluidics-based system controls delivery of touch-based cues

Scientists at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA, have developed a fabric-based wearable device that “taps” a user’s wrist with pressurised air, silently helping them...

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Cionic Neural Sleeve and App

Neural sleeve wins awards at design event

Cionic, a bionic clothing company dedicated to improving mobility with a neural sleeve, received two awards at the 2023 International Design Excellence Awards.

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Weaving soft materials into 3D structures

Researchers at the University of Virginia have developed a manufacturing process for weaving soft materials, such as fabrics, rubbers and gels, enabling mass production in...

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