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MIT Chip Free Sensor 01 PRESS 0

Chip-free, wireless electronic ‘skin’

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have devised a wearable sensor that communicates wirelessly without requiring onboard chips or batteries.

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new adaptive artificia

Adaptive artificial muscles made of single-helical wool yarn

As part of an ongoing project focused on textile-based soft actuators, a team of researchers at Jiangnan University in China have developed new artificial muscles...

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Flexible device harvests thermal energy to power wearable electronics

University of Washington researchers have developed a flexible, wearable thermoelectric device that converts body heat to electricity as a way of continuously powering wearable electronics.

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IR 9135 1200x800 c default

Engineered mattress tricks the body to fall asleep faster

Bioengineers at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a unique mattress and pillow system that uses heating and cooling to tell the body...

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Graphene nanotubes add functionality to yarns

High demand for interactive electronic textiles has encouraged CoatYarn, an Italian producer of technical/industrial yarns, to expand its production range with a thermoplastic polyurethane yarn...

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Tessmer 2

Form-fitting individually customised face masks

A doctoral candidate in Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Department of Architecture has developed a new active fibre and designed a process that, combined with a...

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back coach

Smart solution for dealing with daily back pain

Myovolt is launching a new platform technology for the treatment and tracking of lower back pain.

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Holst Centre MYSA shirt 86462

Stretchable and washable printed electronic technologies

TNO at Holst Centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, has developed a platform of thin, stretchable and washable printed electronic technologies for smart clothing and wearable...

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Intelligent boot created for healthcare workers

Australian researchers have created a high-tech boot concept that continuously monitors temperature and pressure, designed to address the specific needs of doctors, nurses and other...

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dsc 0456b 1

New shape-shifting material can move like a robot

Australian engineers have developed a new class of smart textiles that can shape-shift and turn a two-dimensional material into three-dimensional structures.

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MIT 3D Knits 01 PRESS 0

Smart textiles sense how their users are moving

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed smart textiles that conform snugly to the body and can sense the wearer’s posture and motions...

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Printed resonant coil for wearable high-power wireless charging

Researchers at the Centre for Flexible Electronics and E-Textiles (C-FLEET) at the University of Southampton and the James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow,...

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kitt wearable motion tracker 1 1140x500xct

Data capture for movement patterns and biomechanics

Footfalls & Heartbeats has highlighted its technology as a viable alternative to the industry standard method of data capture for movement patterns and biomechanics.

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Swiss researchers develop wearable textile exomuscle

Researchers at ETH Zürich have developed a wearable textile exomuscle that serves as an extra layer of muscles.

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Smart jumpsuit tracks infants’ motor development

A Finnish research group at the BABA Center, Helsinki Children’s Hospital, has developed a novel garment for infants for the reliable assessment of motor abilities...

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Drag-friendly garments that change in real time

A team at the University of Colorado at Boulder has designed a garment for drag queens that features neural networks and other creative technology.

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