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Lao clothing workers benefit from income support

More than 20,000 clothing workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Laos have received emergency income support worth LAK18. 6m (US$1.

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Poland’s LPP partners with Cotton made in Africa

Polish clothing company LPP has partnered with Cotton made in Africa (CmiA), an initiative for sustainable cotton.

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Somalytics CES 2022 SomaSense 3D health tech floor mat top foot view adj x1000

Nano-based capacitive sensors unveiled at CES 2022

Somalytics introduced two products based on its carbon-nanotube paper composite capacitive sensors at CES 2022, the world’s largest electronics show held in Las Vegas, Nevada,...

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New ban possible on Turkmenistan cotton exports

Cotton Campaign has called on the European Commission to ban cotton exports from Turkmenistan owing to the ongoing use of forced labour during the country’s...

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Essity acquires US orthopaedics and wound care companies

Hygiene and health company Essity has acquired orthopaedics company AquaCast Liner, a provider of waterproof cast liners on the US market.

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New production facility for fabrics and knitwear in Ukraine

TK-Domashniy Tekstyl, a subsidiary of Tekstil-Kontakt, one of Ukraine’s largest textile producers, has commissioned a new production facility for woven fabrics and knitwear in Odessa.

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Thailand's Central Group in Selfridges takeover

Thailand’s Central Group and Austrian real estate and retail company Signa Group have partnered to buy the Selfridges department store group under a 50/50 partnership.

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Water vapour plasma for wearable electronics

A method for improving the flexibility of ultra-thin electronics, such as those used in bendable devices or clothing, has been developed by researchers at the...

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Bulgarian fashion brand growing during pandemic

The Bulgarian fashion brand Gizda, which like its name means “beautiful, well-dressed”, has ambitions to offer stunning, avant-garde women’s clothing.

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Controlled design of printed electronics with 2D materials

Scientists have shown how electricity is transported in printed two-dimensional (2D) materials, paving the way for the design of new types of devices that could...

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Smart garments change colour based on mood

A Polish designer that specialises in human–garment interactions has launched a clothing collection that changes colour depending on body temperature, stress levels, movements and even...

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Cambodia's clothing sector ‘needs to modernise’ to compete

With more than 500 factories across Cambodia, there have been growing calls for the country's apparel sector to modernise or lose out to its global...

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Melon Fashion Group IPO possible this year

Russia’s Melon Fashion Group has selected several banking groups, including Sberbank CIB, VTB Capital, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, to help organise its initial...

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MIT Fiber Battery 01 Press 0

World’s longest flexible fibre battery

Modern batteries will need to overcome numerous hurdles to power new technologies, such as flexible gadgets, electric vehicles and medical devices.

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NanoTextile boosts functional clothing business

For the fourth quarter of 2021, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based NanoTextile reported year-on-year revenue growth of more than 200%.

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Braided suture coat

An improved process for preparing high-consistency, non-absorbable braided surgical suture stock and sutures is disclosed by Surgical Specialties of Westwood, Massachusetts, USA.

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