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Lenzing completes upgrade of Indonesian site

Lenzing, a producer of speciality cellulosic fibres for the textile and nonwoven industries, has made technical improvements to its Purwakarta site (South Pacific Viscose).

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Uzbekistan Textile Industry Days in Germany

The Uzbekistan Textile Industry Days took place in Stuttgart, Germany, from 28 August to 2 September, a week-long event aimed at promoting the growth of…

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230824 Wearable Haptic Feedback Mechanical Engineering Martin 88

Fluidics-based system controls delivery of touch-based cues

Scientists at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA, have developed a fabric-based wearable device that “taps” a user’s wrist with pressurised air, silently helping them…

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Revolutionising automotive manufacturing with IR technology

Heraeus, a manufacturer of infrared technology, could transform the automotive industry by introducing modern textiles infused with advanced direct heating solutions.

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Toray boosts stake in Thai subsidiary to upgrade cellulosic sugar production

Toray Industries has increased its stake in its Thailand-based joint venture as it seeks to step up the commercialisation of key polyamide 66 polymer intermediates…

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Uniqlo completely ceases business in Russia

Uniqlo has completely ceased its business in Russia, with the company terminating lease agreements for premises for its stores, with these outlets now occupied by…

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Cionic Neural Sleeve and App

Neural sleeve wins awards at design event

Cionic, a bionic clothing company dedicated to improving mobility with a neural sleeve, received two awards at the 2023 International Design Excellence Awards.

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HM first store in Ukraine teaser

H&M announces reopening of stores in Ukraine

H&M is believed to be preparing to reopen its stores in Ukraine, despite the ongoing Russian invasion.

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Weaving soft materials into 3D structures

Researchers at the University of Virginia have developed a manufacturing process for weaving soft materials, such as fabrics, rubbers and gels, enabling mass production in…

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Enhanced components for absorbent disposables

Personal hygiene solutions provider Ontex is introducing new innovations to its growing baby pants and adult pants businesses, both of which continue to achieve double-digit…

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New plant in Bosnia for automotive interior covers

Jifeng Automotive Interior BH, owned by Jifeng Automotive Interior, Germany, has plans for expansion in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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dongjin textile

Dongjin Textile starts construction of textile factory in Indonesia

South Korean-owned Dongjin Textile has started construction of a textile factory in the Kendal Industrial Park, Central Java, Indonesia, according to local media reports.

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saint marten

Bulgarian clothing brand seeks funding for growth

Saint Martén, a brand for clothing, accessories and children’s toys created in 2021 by sisters Silvena and Adriana Garelovi, is seeking funding for growth.

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Slovak start-up seeks partnerships to reduce CO2 emissions

Wakivaky, a Slovakia-based start-up, is seeking partnerships to expand its mission in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere.

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hm minimalist summer collection

H&M announces Myanmar exit and investigates labour abuses

Sweden-based H&M says it has taken the decision to “gradually phase out operations” in Myanmar.

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Stroke patient helped to walk by high-tech trousers

A stroke survivor in the UK is learning to walk independently again owing to high-tech trousers powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

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