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Smart protection for delicate skin

Scientists at Empa in Switzerland are launching two smart solutions for treating pressure sores as a result of partnerships with industry.

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mtxapr24 fig5

Gender-specific mesh implant

A gender-specific implantable mesh for inguinal hernia repair, which is common in men, has been developed by Hexagon Health of Beverly Hills, California, USA.

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mussel inspired antimi

Mussel-inspired antimicrobial coating for healthcare fabrics

Spanish researchers have developed a material to fight against the spread of pathogens, infections and antimicrobial resistance, inspired by the substances secreted by mussels to…

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CytexOrtho ReNew hip implant 368x238

Absorbable hip implant wins innovation competition

CytexOrtho is developing absorbable orthopaedic implants with a unique manufacturing method to help the millions of active patients with early hip disease who are too…

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electrospinning sponge graft surrey 1 0

Lab-spun sponges form scaffolds for skin cells

A new method for electrospinning sponges has allowed scientists from the UK’s University of Surrey to directly produce three-dimensional scaffolds on which skin grafts could…

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0208 wounds2 0

Nanofibre-coated bandages fight infection and improve wound healing

A team of researchers at Cornell University has identified a method of harnessing the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the botanical compound lawsone to make…

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mtxmar24 fig3

Medical dressing for prevention of pressure ulcers

A medical dressing developed by Mölnlycke Health Care aims to prevent a pressure ulcer from occurring in the first place or prevent the progress of an…

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3d bioprinting

3D printing technology combines hydrogels and fibres

Scientists in Germany have developed a new type of three-dimensional printing technology that combines hydrogels and fibres.

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reliance fusion

US clearance for sterilisation wrap

Ahlstrom has received FDA 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for its Reliance Fusion sterilisation wrap for the sterilisation of surgical equipment…

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Technology license to develop comfortable mastectomy bra

Since most breast prostheses are designed based on Western models, it is often difficult for breast cancer patients in Asia to find a comfortable fit…

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