Archive: September 2023


Patch2Patient project exploits benefits of FPP

The necessary base technologies for establishing a digital, flexible and automated value chain for the production of composite medical products, such as prosthetics and orthotics,…

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mtxoct23 fig2

Implantable devices with low-profile composite coverings

An implantable medical device, such as a heart valve replacement device, with a low-profile composite covering that is attached to a substrate without sutures is…

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Bespoke knitted compression garment

A method of making a bespoke knitted compression garment is described by Advanced Therapeutic Materials of Manchester, UK.

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Conformable medical dressing allows better handling

A conformable medical dressing is disclosed by 3M in which the carrier construction allows for better handling of the dressing during application.

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Personal care product enables up to 50% reduction in plastic content

Fibertex Personal Care has launched a new product that is said to enable an up to 50% reduction in the volume of plastics in diapers,…

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