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MIT NoPainFibers 01 press 0

Soft optical fibres block pain while moving and stretching with the body

US engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed soft and implantable fibres that can deliver light to major nerves throughout the body.

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Pre-formed parastomal hernia reinforcement mesh

A mesh for the repair and/or prevention of a parastomal hernia during ostomy treatment is disclosed by colorectal surgeon Dr Zhongqiu Zhang of Middlebury, Connecticut,…

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2023 09 01 Vestakeep DB21629

Carbon fibre reinforced PEEK filament for 3D printed medical implants

Speciality chemicals producer Evonik has introduced a carbon fibre reinforced polyetheretherketone filament for use in long-term, three-dimensional printed medical implants.

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Suture with adaptable surface characteristics

Suture materials that are configured to undergo a change in surface texture and/or surface visual presentation responsive to implantation have been developed by Medos International,…

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Medical dressing for pressure ulcer prevention

A medical dressing suitable for the prevention of pressure ulcers, such as at the sacrum region, has been developed by Mölnlycke Health Care of Gothenburg, Sweden.…

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