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Econcore Flax wingx1000

rPET honeycomb used in front of Titan racing car

The award-nominated recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) honeycomb material developed by EconCore, a provider of technology for cost-efficient, continuous production of honeycomb cores, is being harnessed...

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ELeather news page banners large 6 1024x368

ELeather launches latest trend collection

ELeather has launched New Romantic, its latest trend collection with fresh new colours and textures, and a theme of sustainable values.

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Clothing range made from recycled plastic bottles in Czech Republic

Ústí nad Labem-based fashion brand Malfini is continuing the eco-friendly and sustainable trend with a new range of T-shirts and hoodies made from recycled plastic...

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Smart robot skin gives tactile awareness

A range of skin-like, smart fabric-based coverings that can give tactile awareness for robots and prosthetics has been launched by BeBop Sensors.

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Long-running Thailand clothing worker dispute settled

A dispute in which 1,388 clothing workers claimed they were illegally laid off without compensation following the closure of a lingerie factory in Thailand, which...

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International and local brands present bold fashion looks in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani and international brands Volskaya, Aisha, Inju, Azizli Kids Collection and Princess Amira presented their collections at last month’s Azerbaijan Fashion Week 2022, which showcased...

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self powered fabric ca

Self-powered fabric can help correct posture

Prolonged poor posture, such as slouching or leaning to one side, can lead to pain and discomfort.

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Asahi Kasei AKXY2 Concept

Sustainable concept car for Asahi Kasei centenary

Asahi Kasei has celebrated its 100th anniversary with the launch of a new concept car, AKXY2 (pronounced “ax-ee”), which is said to reimagine how values...

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vinatex tinnganh

Tight material supply impedes Vietnam's textile exports

Although the demand for Vietnamese textiles is forecast to rise steadily in the short term, producers are concerned that tight material supply will impede their...

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Silk improves the function of surgical masks

University of Cincinnati researchers have found that a double layer of silk in combination with a surgical mask can enhance its ability to prevent the...

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SP Apparel industry 5

Project to boost social protection for Cambodian clothing workers

Non-profit organisations Oxfam and the Laudes Foundation are collaborating with four non-governmental organisations and trade unions on a new project aimed at strengthening inclusive social...

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Former Bulgarian textile company to be sold

The former Maritsatex textile factory in Plovdiv will become part of the assets of Doverie – United Holding, backed by the owner of Sopharma, Ognyan...

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ntu sleeve

Smart textile sleeve for treating lymphoedema

A smart textile arm sleeve that uses electrical stimulation to reduce swelling and discomfort for patients with lymphoedema is being developed by engineers at the...

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mtxjun22 fig5

Active knitted compression garments

Garments made of active and passive knitted materials that provide desired levels of compression have been developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota of...

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Sharp drop in Russian textile and clothing sales

The recent closures of Russian stores of large international fashion chains, such as H&M, Zara, Levi’s and Mango, has led to a 25% year-on-year drop...

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Advanced Wound Care  Foam 600x600

Dermal patch for preventing pressure ulcers

A dermal patch for preventing the development of pressure ulcers has been developed by Freudenberg.

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