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mxene textile supercapacitor patch 16x9

Powering wearable technology with textile supercapacitor ‘patch’

Materials scientists from Drexel University’s College of Engineering, in partnership with a team at Accenture Labs, have reported a new design of a flexible wearable...

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durak silverpro threads3

Textiles are smarter with conductive threads

Durak Tekstil, a Turkey-based manufacturer of industrial sewing and embroidery threads, is now offering smart textile solutions for electronics-based applications with its conductive threads.

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Koerperscan DITF

Producing custom-fit orthoses quickly and efficiently

The German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf (DITF) have developed a digital platform that can be used to produce precisely fitting, flexible textile...

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MS381MK33D 2998 IS

Michael Kors announces exodus from Russia

Michael Kors has suspended the supply of its goods to Russia.

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Philippine textiles take spotlight at industry conference

The Philippines’ top fashion designers, as well as up-and-coming stylists and student designers, rose to the challenge of designing fashionable creations made from locally made...

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spolka lpp logistics uruchomi w rumunii pierwsze zagraniczne centrum dystrybucyjne 900x600px 2

Polish fashion retailer leases warehouse in Bucharest

LPP, which owns such brands as Reserved, House, Mohito, Cropp and Sinsay, has leased 65,000 m2 of warehouse in the CTPark Bucharest West logistics park...

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smart bandage

UV light-emitting smart bandage for wound treatment

Researchers at the University of Southampton, UK, and Ifremer, France, have developed a wirelessly powered ultraviolet-C radiation-based disinfecting bandage for the sterilisation and treatment of...

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photo 2023 01 23 11 33 37

Khmer silk weaving on display at traditional textiles museum

The MGC Museum of Asian Traditional Textiles in Siem Reap is set to exhibit 11 Cambodian silk products in mid-February, including four silk towels, five...

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Philippines celebrates tropical fabrics month

As part of Philippine Tropical Fabrics Month, which is celebrated every January, a month-long series of activities aims to promote textile production using natural textile...

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c a 4 logo png transparent

C&A Moda agent in Serbia in fraud charge

The anti-corruption department of the General Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade has filed charges against Aleksandar Jandric on suspicion that, by abusing his powers as a...

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324 20230119 analyzing sweat via microelectronic fibers fig3

Analysing sweat using microelectronic fibres

A microelectronic fibre that is capable of analysing electrolytes and metabolites in sweat and could be woven into clothing for healthcare applications is being developed...

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SibeiXia x1000

Smart textile detects fever in infants

A researcher at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, is exploring ways to use smart clothing to track newborn babies’ temperatures.

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Printable sensors detect pathogens and toxins

Researchers at Tufts School of Engineering have developed a method of detecting bacteria, toxins and dangerous chemicals in the environment using a biopolymer sensor that...

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Fairbrics raises €22m to bring CO2-based polyester fibre to market

Fairbrics, a sustainable chemical company developing a technology that converts carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into high-value polyester through a circular manufacturing approach, has raised €17m...

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mtxfeb23 fig1

Implantable medical devices with 3D honeycomb pattern

Implantable medical devices, such as prosthetic heart valves, that include a woven textile made with textured yarn and exhibiting a three-dimensional honeycomb pattern have been...

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pr tanaka 1200

Real-time monitoring with a wearable device reveals IBS-related changes

While there have been studies of irritable bowel syndrome-related abnormalities in the autonomic nervous system based on 24-hour electrocardiogram measurement, until now none of them...

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