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Enhanced components for absorbent disposables

Personal hygiene solutions provider Ontex is introducing new innovations to its growing baby pants and adult pants businesses, both of which continue to achieve double-digit...

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Leak-proof spiral tampon receives FDA approval

Sequel Spiral, a spiral tampon that offers a patented, leak-proof design, has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration as a medical device,...

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Skin cells grown into nanofiber scaffold 887x665

Biodegradable bandage for treating chronic wounds

Bioengineers at the University of Connecticut, USA, have developed a scaffold for new skin that also kills bacteria.

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Surgical kit for locating a vein

A kit for locating a vein, disclosed by US inventor Tanya Hamilton of Greensboro, North Carolina, is designed as a composite device containing a pharmacologically...

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Compression garment with reduced pressure in knee region

An improved compression garment designed to produce significantly reduced pressure in a knee region of the garment or knee area has been developed by inventors...

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researchers develop 3d 1

3D printed bandage for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast, UK, have designed a three-dimensional (3D) printed bandage that offers an innovative method of treating diabetic foot ulcers.

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3D printed heart muscle

Fibre-infused ink enables 3D-printed heart muscle to beat

Researchers from the Harvard John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences report the development of a new hydrogel ink infused with gelatin fibres...

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Knitted patch for treatment of congenital heart disease

A knitted surgical patch that could improve the surgical treatment of patients with congenital heart disease is to be marketed by a consortium in Japan.

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Compression socks market set to expand

The compression socks market is expected to be worth US$690. 7m in 2023, which will rise to US$1.

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Unicharm launches bio-based sanitary pad

Unicharm’s Indonesian subsidiary has launched a limited-edition sanitary napkin made from bio-based materials, part of the Tokyo, Japan-based hygiene company’s commitment to World Environment Day.

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Cushion for protection of sacrum and lower lumbar region vertebrae

An orthopaedic cushion for the protection of the sacrum and lower lumbar region vertebrae has been developed by Sophie Harris of Kington, Hertfordshire, UK.

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Extensible absorbent wound dressing

An extensible absorbent wound dressing with improved stretch and conformability has been developed by Medtrade Products of Crewe, Cheshire, UK.

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New Nonwoven Microcarriers x1000

Nonwoven microcarriers for large-scale cell culture

Japan-based Teijin Frontier, the Teijin Group’s fibres and products converting company, has developed nonwoven microcarriers that enable fast, large-scale, high-quality cell culture.

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Carbon footprint of products used in common surgical operations

A new analysis of the carbon footprint of products used in the five most common surgical operations carried out in the National Health Service in...

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credit pragasitlalao.xaff8bc2b

Healing chronic wounds using glass fibres

Researchers at the UK’s University of Birmingham have demonstrated that silver retains antimicrobial activity longer when impregnated into “bioactive glass”, and they have shown how...

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Prosthesis for inguinal hernia repair

A preformed three-dimensional prosthesis for use in the repair of inguinal hernias, such as direct inguinal hernias, indirect inguinal hernias and/or femoral inguinal hernias, is...

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