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Sutures that can deliver drugs or sense inflammation

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed “smart” sutures that not only hold tissue in place, but also detect inflammation and release drugs.

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Nobel Hygiene

Slim disposable absorbent underpants launched in India

Friends, the flagship brand of Indian disposable hygiene product manufacturer Nobel Hygiene, has launched what is claimed to be the country’s first “slim” disposable absorbent...

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Slowly resorbable synthetic hernia mesh

A slowly resorbable synthetic hernia mesh that is claimed to be cheaper and more efficacious compared with biological mesh for use in the repair of...

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Knitted robotic textile for hand oedema patients

Researchers at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, USA, have developed a knitted wearable tool to treat hand oedema – swelling caused by excess fluid...

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Nanocellulose wound dressing that reveals early signs of infection

A nanocellulose wound dressing that can reveal early signs of infection without interfering with the healing process has been developed by researchers at Linköping University,...

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Plastic-free panty liner on show at Index

Viscose fibres manufacturer Kelheim Fibres, nonwovens producer Sandler and hygiene product manufacturer PelzGroup have developed a plastic-free panty liner that aims to help tackle the...

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Antiseptic material for wound dressings

An antiseptic material for a wound dressing that retains its effectiveness over a long period of time is disclosed by Hawest Research of Steinhausen, Switzerland.

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Sensor integrated dressings and systems

A method for coating a wound dressing is provided by Smith & Nephew.

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Silk confirmed as promising material for repair of injured nerves

The treatment of nerve injuries with the aid of nerve guidance conduits has led to the desired regenerative success in some, but by no means...

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Nano-modified stent for treatment of hollow organ tumours

Researchers at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, have developed a novel technology for the treatment of hollow organ tumours, which was awarded second place in the...

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STFI 01 Biohyg

Bio-based hygiene nonwoven on show at Index

A team from the Saxon Textile Research Institute will be at April's Index exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, where it will present its latest research products,...

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Small-diameter vascular prosthesis

A small-diameter vascular prosthesis that can be implanted via a surgical procedure to replace a part of a damaged blood vessel or to form a...

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Perineal bandage for vaginal delivery

A perineal bandage for preventing and treating tears of the perineum, anus and vagina of a pregnant mother that occur during childbirth has been developed...

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Multi-layered absorbent dressing resists shrinkage and wrinkling

A multi-layered wound dressing that offers improved aesthetics and mechanical strength, and thereby increased consistency of the product over its shelf life, has been developed...

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Developing multi-functional tendon-mimetic hydrogels

A research team in physics, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering at the University of Hong Kong have reported the development of multifunctional tendon-mimetic hydrogels...

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Compression treatment could relieve horses’ painful swollen limbs

US researchers from North Carolina State University have taken technology aimed at helping humans suffering from lymphoedema, in which the accumulation of excess lymph fluid...

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