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Automotive seating innovations discussed

Innovative inkjet printing for car seat covers has been introduced by Johnson Controls. The technology is available on woven seat cover fabrics, but not yet on leather or artificial leather seat covers.

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Suede-like fabrics to replace leather seat covers

Organised by IQPC, the 10th Innovative Seating Conference took place in Düsseldorf, Germany, at the end of February, with 120 participants. This time the event had a separate, well-attended session devoted to textiles where a range of novel information was discussed.

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Lightweight, ecological and comfortable aircraft seating

IQPC’s annual Innovative Aircraft Seating Conference held in Hamburg, Germany, in October highlighted some interesting developments that offer new opportunities for textile seat cover manufacturers.

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Innovative fibres and textiles in automotive interiors

The automotive industry is the biggest user of technical textiles, about 20 kg of textiles in each of the 65m cars produced worldwide in 2012. By 2020, 35 kg of textiles per vehicle is predicted to be used.

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Innovations to reduce seat weight and enhance comfort

Organised by IQPC, Innovative Seating 2014 took place recently in Düsseldorf, Germany, with an emphasis on the latest technical innovations to reduce weight and enhance comfort.

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Lightweight aircraft seating comfort

The main themes of the recent Innovative Aircraft Seating 2013 Conference held in Hamburg, Germany, organised by IQPC were: aircraft seating comfort, inflight entertainment (IFE) integration solutions, tablet technology and weight savings.

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Future demands in innovative automobile and aircraft seating

Future demands in automotive and aircraft seating, smart and lightweight textiles, and the benefits and costs of using lightweight materials were the main themes of the recent Innovative Seating 2013 conference held in Bonn, Germany, and organised by IQPC.

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Global cabin interior revenue expected to double by 2020

At the recent Smart Aircraft Cabin Interiors Conference in Hamburg, Germany, organised by IQPC, lightweight and green solutions to reduce the carbon dioxide footprint and become more sustainable and cost-efficient were discussed.

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